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Does the above title mean the other seasons were a bed of scented flowers for them? No, not at all, in fact I don’t think I know of other siblings on TV today that have been tormented and haunted by Lucifer, death himself and the type of demons that this family has seen.

sam and dean and season 13 destruction

With that said I can tell you with some measure of confidence that the 13th season will be like walking right into the center of hell right off the bat and I don’t know about you but that sounds very exciting for me and I can’t wait for the new season’s premiere.

If you followed the 12th season then you know that one of the major events was Crowley stabbing himself as an act of self-sacrifice that for me transcends TV fiction because it shows leadership spirit and deep love for the world.

Great act by a character that should most likely be labeled a twisted villain but I think we can all agree the major impact of this self-sacrifice was saving Sam and Dean which means he is not here anymore and that leaves a huge crater in the lives of the boys and any supernatural true fan will tell you that is a huge hole they will feel throughout the next season.

As if that is not enough we have a new entrant and that is the son that was born to Lucifer and became a teenager in almost an instant.

This means even though Lucifer is trapped in the alternate universe and we are tempted to burst into singing and dancing we have a new challenger here and he is only the third nephilim the show has seen.

Now when you add that Jack is half of an arch angel and half of the devil you will realize the tricky situation this puts Sam and Dean since Sam was born with tainted blood and only learned to control his demonic tendencies through a lot of work and effort.

So what do they do with Jack? Should it be a raging battle or a lot of calm, should it be a fight today that maybe takes out a huge chunk of the world and platitudes tomorrow? Well we will see.

This season according to reports won’t just have Jack as a potential tormentor, there are rumors that grow daily of Lucifer getting out of the alternative dimension and coming at the boys with the venom and chaos only he can engineer but how will he get out.

Here is where it gets interesting, do you remember Mary? Of course you do or I would have your supernatural fandom revoked. She is trapped in another dimension too and from what I know there will be only one way to get her out and  that way must involve Sam and Dean and this is where it gets interesting.

The boys must do everything within their abilities to go get her and when they try that Lucifer will become the greatest opportunist on the show and find a way to get out with her and hell will follow him and well we all know that can never be good.

Now if you are thinking that is horrible enough, a lot of theories say he might not be the big bad of the season and we might witness the resurrection of an old unexpected character that will come around and torment the Winchesters within an inch of their lives.

There are a lot of theories out there and there are a few I couldn’t resist thinking of myself. What if they are bringing death and his reapers back? I mean it is not hard to believe that death can’t die right?

I believe he is one of the best villains the show has seen and few people portray that sadistic tendency that a villain should have like Julian Richings.

Now when you factor in the fact that he is always going to be doing Lucifer’s will as the fourth horseman you can see that he plays well into the hell fire and brimstone that this season will be for the Winchester boys.

Another name that has been thrown around  for some time are the leviathans, you know those cruel testaments to the fact that gods might not be infallible, locked away in purgatory but allowed to escape when Castiel had to absorb the souls in there so he could defeat Raphael.

Remember how ferocious they were? They were so ferocious it took a combined force of angels, humans and even monsters to control them before the Winchesters ultimately did what they do best.

Well the leviathans are still very much alive, granted their leader is gone but what stops them from coming back together to make the 13th season a living hell for Sam and Dean but an absolute viewing pleasure for the fans,

Now hang on to your hats because as we all know Purgatory isn’t just filled with leviathans, you have other dreaded blood thirsty creatures waiting for their time in the main universe and who says they won’t get out in the 13th season? Not me.

Fan theories reaching me shows there is a huge possibility of those monsters and creatures from hades getting out to torment the world and in fact I hear that at least one of Sam and Dean might have to visit purgatory.

I don’t know about you but I find that absolutely bananas and if the writers can pull this off I believe it will be great for the ratings and it might result in us having the greatest supernatural season we have ever had.

All you need to do now is wait for that early week of October and get your popcorn ready for a heart thumping, hair raising, belly knotting season because this in my opinion will be greatest season ever.

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