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'Supernatural' Season 13: Jared Padalecki aims 300 episodes before quitting

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Jared Padalecki confirmed that he would be ready to quit "Supernatural" once he reaches 300 episodes.

"Supernatural" Season 13 might be followed with a Season 14 because of its good ratings. #Jared Padalecki and #Jensen Ackles are reportedly hoping to reach 300 episodes of "Supernatural."

According to a recent report from Digital Spy, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are ready to do "Supernatural" Season 14 after completing Season 13. The actors are aiming to reach 300 episodes before they could finally quit.

'Supernatural' actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles will say goodbye after 300 milestone

As of this writing, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have finally reached a total of 264 episodes in "Supernatural." There is no doubt that they could reach the 300 milestones, as the show continues with Season 13.

Unfortunately, Padalecki stated that they would be ready to say goodbye to their fans once they reached 300 episodes.

Padalecki unveiled that things with the TV show might change over time. However, they do not take things for granted, which is why he believes they can achieve their plan.

Fans of the hit TV show are still waiting for the Season 13 trailer. However, the producers and cast members are still working on the new episodes. Reports claimed that the trailer would be released once the team films a portion of the episodes.

As per the publication, the cast and crew of "Supernatural" are not yet back on filming. Season 12 started shooting in the middle of July 2016, so if their schedule is the same, they might not have started shooting at all.

Mark Sheppard bids goodbye to the fans of the show

In the meantime, Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley in the hit TV series will not be returning for another season.

Sheppard has confirmed on Instagram that he will not be part of the new season anymore. He confirmed that the SPN showrunners do not have any plans for Crowley at the moment.

Sheppard even thanked the fans for their love and support. He even told the fans that it is time for him to try something new and fans are excited for him. It is still unsure if he would be back in the show's future episode since the showrunners might have something for his character in the future.

In the last season of the series, fans saw Crowley stab himself with an angel blade to seal and trap Lucifer. However, his self-sacrifice was not successful because Lucifer was still free and even stabbed Castiel with an angel blade.

Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins will be back in "Supernatural" Season 13. The release date of the upcoming season is yet to be announced. #Supernatural season 13

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  • What no please don’t i love you guy’s like i been watching you guys sicne i was 9 and i was watch you in Gilmore Girls no please dont stop i wont gave my soul to Crowley so you guy’s don’t stop jk lol ????

    Peggy on
  • NOOO WAY !!!! IF Yall quit the show I’m 110% sure the rating will go way down.Sam " and Dean are the main ones that makes the show. I hate to say it but " SUPERNATURAL " may be shut down due to the ratings going from up top on the charts to rock bottom on the charts if yal quit playing as Sam and Dean. Please don’t quit the show…!!!!

    tabby9916 on
  • It’s sad to say, but I’m sure that once Jared and Jensen quits the shows ratings might go downhills fast.

    Nadia on
  • They said at conventions they would never quit so this is new.

    Julie on
  • No Jared please don’t leave the show.I love you and Jensen and Misha and all of yall on the show.Please keep the show going.Supernatural is awesome.

    Jamie on

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