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Supernatural: Death of Crowley and Castiel

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

So what do you guys think? Is Cas dead? is Crowley coming back? And is Lucifers 
so evil or good? Please tell us what you think in the comment below! 

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  • My Cass. He can’t be gone nonono my boy will be bac i have faith

    Lori on
  • I really like the season finale! I don’t get upset with a death or 2 on Supernatural because it doesn’t have to be forever. Characters can return at any time, it’s kind of like stay tuned for next appearance :) So happy to see Bobby even if it wasn’t the Bobby we all know and love!

    Penny Sumner on
  • Hello I want CAS and CROWLEY back. I don’t care how. Just get them in the season13 premier . Thanks Guys.. I know y’all will not disappoint.

    Laura Brock on
  • I hope that the writers will bring Cass back but I think it’s really over for Crowley.He had his tricky “not real” death as the King of Hell.By sacrificing himself for the Boys,he finds a little of his humanity back.And it’s a beautiful tribute to the character and to Mark. That’s why I think Crowley won’t come back again… ?

    Patricia on
  • That was the most devastating final 7 minutes I have ever experienced in a show finale. I was shocked and heartbroken and left wondering if this means the show is winding down, Gasps, or getting back to its season 1 roots. (Yay!) It was great tv but emotionally taxing.

    Mary on

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