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Mark Sheppard (Crowley) Speaks Out: 'There Are No Plans for Me to Return at Any Juncture'

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Don’t expect Supernatural‘s Mark Sheppard to make a reappearance on the CW series anytime soon — even as a guest star.

Earlier this week, TVLine confirmed that the actor would not be returning as a series regular in Season 13. (Sheppard previously confirmed his exit in an Instagram post, insisting that it was “time for something new.”) Shortly after our story broke, Supernatural Co-EP Jim Michaels hinted that viewers have not seen the last of Sheppard’s fan-favorite Crowley character, declaring on Twitter, “Never say never.”

However, Sheppard — who was killed off in last Thursday’s finale — quickly took umbrage with Michaels’ post. “With all due respect, your comment is inaccurate and misleading to the fans,” Sheppard tersely tweeted in response. “There are NO plans to have me return to [Supernatural] at ANY juncture.”


It’s hardly unprecedented for characters on Supernatural to die only to be resurrected at a later time. But it would appear that Crowley — who sacrificed his own life in order to seal the rift between worlds — will be an exception.

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  • I loved Mark as Crowley another person playing Crowley in a new “meat suit” will not be the same. It’s sad that it sounds like the departure is on unfriendly terms because there will probably be no possibility of Mark coming back even as a guest star.
    Best of luck Mark hope to see you soon on TV

    Diane Callahan on
  • An honest actor. Refreshing!

    Susan Moffitt on
  • The obvious tension worries me as a fan…My husband and I just spent a mint getting tickets to the Supernatural Tour in New Jersey, with photo ops purchased with Mark. As long-time viewers we LOVE Crowley’s character and it’s upsetting that Mark has left the show angry.

    Mikelyn Stewart on
  • I’m really gonna miss your handsome devilish face Mark!! Best of luck!!
    Suzanne Reichard on
  • I am soooooo sad right now!! I will miss him terribly. He was one of the mighty 4!! I’m shocked and extremely sad. I just don’t know what else to say. I wish you the best, Mark

    Melissa Ray on

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