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It is no longer news that the network has renewed supernatural for the 13th season and all we need do now is be patient and wait till October for the Winchesters to take us into worlds we never knew existed beforehand and I hope your excitement is at fever pitch like mine.

The 12th season like every good series ended with some cliff hangers that has us asking questions and is sending the fandom into overdrive with some theories, some are great, some are amusing and some are just plain crazy.

I don’t blame anybody though because that finale was filled with so many activities that we could hardly keep up, from  labor that would lead to the  birth of  Lucifer’s progeny to an act to of self-sacrifice that haunted me for some time because what is supernatural without Crowley and the death of Castiel among others.

Don’t forget how the boys were trapped by the Brits in a bunker and having tried everything had to blast their way through it with a grenade launcher butch and Sundance style.

Mary almost ruined the wayward sisters for us when she was thinking of going after Jody mills but thanks to Alex that fire was quelled long enough for Sam and Dean to come save the moment


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Continuing with the let’s kill them all theme, Dean decided to get into Mary’s head to help her get off the brainwash and while the scene was great for the catharsis it ended up being a bloody scene with Toni’s throat meeting the business end of a knife and Ketch getting shot by Mary.

Throw in the explosion of the headquarters of the BMOL and the birth of a yellow eyed Jack that resulted in the death of Kelly which opened up an alternative reality, you see why the fans are going bananas and creating a lot of wild and wide scenarios.

Well it is fun for me sifting through them all and getting you the real thing and I must add that some of this is conjecture but it will most definitely look at the different angles where the story can be taken to.

Let start with the bad news



Took a big one for the world when he gave his life to heal the rip between the worlds and I personally will always think he was one of the best acts on the show so how does that connect to the next season?

Well no connection here because every reliable sources say he is not coming back.

Let’s all make our peace with that and move on in one accord because what else can we do right?




Perhaps the most shocking of the deaths in the finale was Castiel because I personally thought he had made it home safe until he was scythed by Lucifer himself and left for Dean to look at with so much sadness and confusion in his eyes.

Well we don’t need to be sad or agitated anymore because he is most likely coming back and I write this with a lot of certainty.

He will reunite with the Winchesters but he will likely be in an alternate dimension for some time and will even communicate with Jack from there, he is a character I am really looking out for because I can’t just wait to see what he has in store for Lucifer because angels can be vindictive too right?


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If only I could grow my vegetables as fast as this kid grew, I mean one minute Kelly is going into labor and before you know it he is in the corner all yellow eyed and probably scaring the bejesus out of the film crew.

He is the third nephilim the show has seen and I believe that will be exploited to full advantage, the blood of the archangel in him will draw him to Sam and since the blood of Lucifer is in there too you should expect some fireworks that will bring him in conflict with Sam and Dean, okay that is putting it mildly.

He will be a tough nut to crack and will most likely be carrying out his father’s missions while he is still locked up in the alternate dimension. Talk of a great and obedient child right?



I have not for a second convinced myself that he will be trapped forever in the alternate universe and believe me he is coming back with more venom and one way a lot of people think he will get out of the dimension is through Mary.

Sam and Dean won’t leave her there to rot In the presence of the devil so they will try and get her out and of course Lucifer will become an opportunist and let himself out and get in the main universe and what he does after that will most certainly be evil.



She ended the season getting out of Mary’s kill list and holding her off till the boys helped her get her mind right and  she will spend the next season doing a whole lot of sheriff stuff but this time with an added twist.

She will be leading the spin off for the show Wayward sisters which will have a back door pilot in the 13th season.

The cast will be filled with ladies that will be orphaned by apocalyptic events that destroy a huge chunk of the world, they will be taken under the wings of the good sheriff and her trusted adviser Donna Hanscum, it promises to be a worthwhile spin off for such a great show.


Sam and Dean ended the season blowing through a bunker, witnessing several deaths, seeming Lucifer locked away and meeting Jack for the first time.

All of that will still factor in their future lives, they will get close to and far away from jack at the same time, they will most likely have to rescue Mary and in so doing meet Lucifer again and if what I am hearing is true they will meet a big bad that is fiercer and more resolute than they are used to.

With all that I can still say with a huge degree of certainty that it will be another great season with them


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