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False rumors about the end of the Supernatural series!

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

As Jared Padalecki's comment on the 300th episode comment was misunderstood, false rumors about the end of the series spread.

There are many rumors circulating about "#Supernatural" ending with #Season 14. There is no confirmation that this is the truth, despite publications claiming that it is. This is a rumor that has spread since Jared Padalecki shared that the next milestone for the show was the 300th episode. Jensen Ackles later confirmed that this was just the next milestone and not where the show would end.

'Supernatural' will continue until the stars are done

The CW looks set to continue to renew "Supernatural" until the two main stars are done with it. This means Padalecki and Ackles have full control over when to call it a day. However, they have not shown any signs of wanting to quit.

The claims that "Supernatural" season 14 is the end are completely fabricated. Right now J2, as they are nicknamed by fans, have no plans on actually stopping with the season. They will continue the show while they are happy with it and there are more stories to tell for the Winchesters. Of course, they may decide at the 300th episode that they've had enough, but right now that is simply another milestone to reach.

The stars do have an end in mind

According to Ackles, there is an ending in mind. The team has discussed a potential ending episode number, which would allow the Winchesters to go out while they are still on top. The actor never shared what that episode number would be, but he made a point in saying that the 300th episode comment was definitely just Padalecki discussing the next milestone to reach.

Mark Sheppard is officially done with the series

The only change that "Supernatural" will see moving forward is no #Mark Sheppard. It's unclear whether Crowley will return, but it won't be in the form of Sheppard. There are many rumors as to why he has gone, but most fans believe that it is linked to Creation Ent. conventions. Sheppard had made a point that he will never do another Creation convention again, yet will consider doing others if he's asked.

"Supernatural" season 14 is not officially the end. At least not yet. Don't believe the rumors, whoever writes them, until Padalecki, Ackles, or The CW officially confirm that the show is over.

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  • Sure gonna miss Mark on the show. Love the show immensely, but Mark certainly has his place there as well. Very sad to see him go….

    Lisa Ray on
  • O thank god its not ending!! I felt my self die when I heard the rumor. I was in the car when I found the article and I just started crying ?. Thank god Jensen and Jared haven’t decided to leave yet?.

    Madison on
  • I don’t think last season should count as a season anyway Bringing in the British Men of Letters to do nothing but get in the way for an entire season, made for the worst Supernatural year ever. Just stupid and not enjoyable in the least. “Oooh what’s our villain this year? Lillith? How about this year? Lucifer? How about this year? The darkness? How about this year? The Brits.”

    I figure a decent apology from Supernatural would be to give us at least three more seasons of good to make up for last season’s slop. Just absolutely destroy the British men of letters. Have God and his sister come back, wipe them all out to let them know who’s God’s favorites and tell Sam and Dean to get back to a real story so he doesn’t have come back and save them again not from not ghosts, not demons, not from superstrength monsters of the cosmos, but the kindgom of “Pip-pip” and “Cheerio, I duyoo bylieeve that was a guyost. I say, he is rather translucent, isn’t he?” Just absolute rubbish what they did this season. Might as well be called Supernatural: Freddy’s revenge so we can pretend it didn’t exist and then Supernatural won’t have their 300 shows as soon as they think.

    Darren Velasquez on
  • I order Dean’s ring over 4 months ago, and still haven’t reserved it.

    Sarah Littleton on

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