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Jared Padalecki auditioning for his role as Sam Winchester

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Jared Padalecki auditioning for his role as Sam Winchester in the series 'Supernatural'


Jared could play a jerk with a heart of gold and you still maybe root for his character. He's a very talented charismatic actor. Would be interesting to see him play a outright villain.

What do you guys think? please tell us in the comments below..

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  • waiting for my shirt . LOVE the show ,my son and my girl watching the show .

    norma boltenhouse on
  • Enjoyed watching that!
    Lots of energy. So glad he got the part. I always enjoy watching
    both of the brothers and their interaction.

    Joy on
  • i love this show, Jared PADALECKI is great with Jensen Ackles. you never knew they were not brothers, they what makes the show with the other actors involved

    chris lafevre on
  • Yes,Jared did amazing. This is my favorite part actually watching their audition tapes before being a huge star. Still kicks in that the stars are still human. Sometimes they screw up and its intriguing to see how the the actors feel and pull out the character they think they should be.

    Tic on
  • It comes so natural for Jared, its no wonder how supernatural has been a major success. I absolutely love Jared in all his roles but as Sam he was born to play that role.

    Jenny on

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