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Now they know!

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Now that Sam & Dean finally know that Lucifer is in Cas now,
what you you think they will do?
Lucifer almost killed them both, but Sam's fast thinking saved them yet again 
when he used he's blood to banish Lucifer away. Cas did he's part in saving Sam
but it was a close call, Dean got the hand of God but the power was drained from 
and they now need to find another way to defeat the Darkness.

How will Dean come out of this, it's clear that the Darkness has something
planed for him. Will he be by her side when the world ends or will he help
Sam defeat the darkness? Or will GOD come and save them all? these are 
all big questions and we look forward to finding out what will happen..

Please tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  • They have come along way to be apart again.. Sam n Dean need to stand together n no more turning their backs on each other.. We had to deal with that for 9 seasons.. They are finally close brothers again… God needs to step in now n finally help these boys out. Especially that Sam n Dean has done so much good then bad.

    Menda on

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