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Supernatural: The Animation Episode # 1 "The Alter Ego"

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

During the search for their father, Sam and Dean investigate a small town where a series of strange murders have occurred. They soon discover the murders have been committed by a Shapeshifter, a monster who sheds his skin and can appear as anyone. Sam and Dean separately go to search the town but when Dean meets back up with Sam he becomes suspicious of his "brother's" true identity too -- Why isn't Sam mad that he called him "Sammy"? Turns out the Shapeshifter has taken over Sam!!

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  • It so good mates i have all of the saeson to1 to 11 Dean got a girlfriend supernatural

    larry on
  • I like your show I know it a lame comment but i’m not that kinda guy who spends hours trying to write something

    joshua on
  • This was sooo wicked cool. The animaters did a exelent job and how great that Jensen and Jarred where used for Dean and Sam’s voices. Hope they make more and get them on dvd. I would by them.

    May Helen Tangen on

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