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Supernatural Fall Finale Review: The Last Temptation of Sammy

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural S11E09: "O Brother Where Art Thou" 

Happy holidays, Supernatural fans. Your gifts include Dean making out with a very peeved off Darkness, Sam and Crowley collaborating with Rowena AGAIN because they've learned nothing, and a devastated Sam bunking with Lucifer again after being told his visions from God were more like visions from Satan. Apparently, due to damage that the cage sustained when Amara was freed from her box, Luci was able to shout through the cracks to torment his favorite meatsuit from afar. 

I choose to reject that reality and continue to believe that Sam's visions are actually from the big guy himself; that Lucifer is just jumping on the opportunity to terrorize the human puppy dog (probably with help from Rowena; I saw that smirk when the wards failed!) and/or Sam's return to the cage is some kind of final test to make sure he's ready for the coming battle. You know, kind of like Jesus going for a 40-day stroll in the desert with, of course, Lucifer and facing down the devil's temptation before his big dying-and-rising-again show.

I need to believe that there's more to Lucifer's claims and Sam's visions than what "O Brother Where Art Thou" implied before peacing out until January. I need Sam's visions to be from God because it made such a nice parallel to Dean's connection to the Darkness and because it was a welcome connection to Sam's experiences in Supernatural's very first season. It offered something resembling closure to Sam's evolution and his issues with feeling impure and inhuman. "Surprise! It was Lucifer the whole time!" is too simplistic and too repetitive for me to accept as gospel.

It was rather unexpected, though, and Jared Padalecki won the facial expression game. Was that a Single Perfect Man Tear? That was a Single Perfect Man Tear.

Dean's gonna be PISSED... after he's done snogging the Darkness and drinking through his awkward feelings for her. At least she's not below the age of consent these days. (For now.) There was so much to love about Amara as she slaughtered angels and Jesus freaks in hopes of catching God's attention. Everything that comes out of her mouth is most likely a lie, but at the same time, given her connection to Dean, her obvious fondness/fangirling that even attempted murder couldn't quell, I like to think that she's at least mostly sort of truthful to him about her history and her intentions. Sure, she delighted in shaking the faith of God's most fervent and criticizing the worship that fell his way, but the woman had a point: no one on Earth knows God like she does. She meant that to be menacing, but it's just fact. She's one member of the very exclusive club that can actually provide a response to "what if God was one of us?" and her memory goes waaaaaay back. 

I'm certainly not saying that we should give Amara's word any kind of substantial weight, but she's certainly one of the more interesting villains to terrorize the Winchesters in recent history. I want to know more about her in a way that I didn't quite care about with Dick Roman or Eve. I think Supernatural may have finally figured out how to top Lucifer in terms of terrifying and fascinating big bads. Of course, Mark Pellegrino having uncomfortably aggressive eye-sex with his bunk buddy will never stop being everything and more. 

"O Brother Where Art Thou" is the darkest fall finale we've had in some time. Sam is back in Lucifer's cage. Dean tried—and failed—to end the Darkness. When Supernatural decides to crush its viewers' souls and abandon all hope just in time for the holiday season, ain't nothing gonna stop that pain-train from rolling. I hate this show. (I love this show.) 




–Luci's cabin fever was showing. Bouncing from goofy to malicious in the same breath kept us on our toes and reaffirmed Lucifer's place as BAD NEWS BEARS.

– So can I get an Adam sighting in the house? 

– Do you think Lucifer was telling the truth about contacting Sam or was it God and this is some kind of test? 

– God really is the ultimate deadbeat dad on this show, isn't he? 


– Are you okay? I'm not okay. I'm just gonna go watch "Baby" forever until Supernatural comes back and fixes what it broke.

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  • I for one am glad it was Lucifer and I don’t think its at all redundant. Sam and he have never really finished their dance. Sam really needs to defeat him this time to have closure. He also needs him to save Dean from the influence of the Darkness. I hope God never appears in the flesh. The only angels I would like see would be Cass (getting out of the bunker and helping) and Joshua. I think this would be a great time to return to the listener of God.

    I hope they finish with Rowena soon. As long as Crowley and Dean keep their chemistry I’m okay with him staying but his on a short leash as he’s getting boring being so stupid as to trust his mother.

    I really feel for Dean again; once more things are out of his control and someone else has the strings. I want him back to normal.

    P.S. Who cares about Adam, I don’t. Now Michael that’s different but he could be anyone.

    jrwt on

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