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"Castiel's Grace" Give Away!

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Would you like to get one for free?
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  • I’m newer to the SPN fandom, but I love it just as much as anyone else. Ever since Castiel came in, he’s been my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam and Dean, but Cass (or Cas, however you spell it) is so innocent (even as Dean takes that away with his pornos). he’s nice and sweet till you mess with someone he cares about. Then he will personally send you to Hell. In my mind, I’m kind of like him. I love my friends to death and I would do anything for them. Ive kind of gotten off the track, but to summarize all of my rambling, I’m a huge fan of Cass (Cas) and I’m trying to get all of his merchandise. Thanks.

    Hannah on
  • Would love Castiel’s Grace!

    Canamina on
  • I’d love to have castiel’s grace I have been a fan of supernatural from the beginning. I am a supporter of the charity movement always keep fighting. I’d love to add castiel’s grace to my collection of supernatural memorabilia. I know it would look awesome with my castiel “I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition” T-shirt.

    Victoria on
  • I love the show so much!! It’s my favorite fandom and I hope it continues for a while

    Hailey Hogan on
  • Omg this is beautiful I would love to be picked I have never won anything in a contest and I am a major major fan have the seasons I seriously watch every morning from nine to one on tnt and it never gets hold I actually got the she wants the Dean Winchester hoodie I love it wear it almost every day I am so obsessed and in love with supernatural esp “dean” jensen ackles is God’s gift to earth omg I even NAMED MY SON JENSEN after him I love u guys and everything to do with spn my fiance has to tell me to calm down that it’s not real and I’m like no no no this is real lol I watch it like I’m there talking to the tv and everything yes I have a problem but it’s spn problem so it’s all good:) please let me win :)

    Nakitta on

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