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Supernatural S11E03: "The Bad Seed"

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Well, that whole new Winchester approach to life and codependency lasted a whopping three episodes—barely—and it's not fair, man. Why does Jensen Ackles always get stuck directing these UGH episodes when it's his turn behind the camera? At least there was banter. Banter makes up for a lot of the regression Dean and Sam endured during this trainwreck. 

Long story short: Rowena revealed the deal Sam made with her to kill Crowley if she could get the Mark off of Dean's arm. Dean got pissed. Goodbye truce! Goodbye new leaf! Goodbye actually trying hard to be functional people and not alcoholic headcases with a trunk full of guns! Don't talk to me, Supernatural, we're fighting. 

At least Amara continued to be the sassiest little soul-sucker this side of the apocalypse. After doing the pedo-in-a-van routine at the end of last week's episode, Crowley set the wee baby up with a sweet pad in one of the swanky corners of Hell, complete with her own staff of nannies/lunch platters, wifi, and a surprising amount of privacy for an ancient entity who admittedly wants to eat everyone. Luci must be thrilled having the Darkness just a few levels up from his cage. The fact that Amara preferred The Inferno to whatever adorable little pop-up book Uncle Crowley brought her isn't anything to be concerned about, right? I mean, if anyone can bust the two scorned archangels out of their prison, it's gotta be the monster older than time, right? 

I'm so excited—and that's the thing to cling to here—even though "The Bad Seed" itself was kind of bland and boring compared to the preceding episodes. No one knows anything about Amara. Amara doesn't even really understand her role in the universe—outside of eating all the souls—and improving on God's subpar creation job. Something tells me Amara's version of "creation" is going to be a lot less "creative" and much more "eat everyone and everything because if everything is Darkness, then everything is perfect." Idk. The girl ain't right and Crowley has his hands full, especially as the mutant monster baby evolved into a teenager by the end of "The Bad Seed." 

There was an important detail in Amara's exchange with her older self, though; she questioned whether their mission for vengeance and dominance was the right choice. Her inner grown-up Amara talked her precociously homicidal self out of her doubt, but this is Supernatural, and once that seed is planted, the mission has basically reached game over. Amara will either be killed or reformed by the end of her story and that she is already doubting her dark side already has that outcome leaning in a certain direction. I'm glad Supernatural made the decision to establish Amara's doubt already. It elevates her beyond "mindless monster baby" and when/if the change of heart comes to pass, knowing that Amara was kicking the idea of not destroying everything around this early will make the change less jarring and unbelievable. Really, I think Dean just needs to take our girl out for beer, burgers, and pie and let the magic change her warped mind right there. She already has the hots for him. If anyone is going to free Luci, it's going to be Amara and if anyone is going to convince Amara that binge drinking is better than soul-binging, it's Dean. 

Of course, Dean is back to keeping secrets from Sam and Sam is back to keeping secrets from Dean. This is why you shouldn't raise your children in some sort of antisocial paramilitary cult situation, John, that forces them to live out of a car and basically only have each other for company, forever. And I bet puberty was all kinds of fun for them back in the day. It's not hard to understand why Sam and Dean are completely inept when it comes to healthy communication. No, Sam doesn't necessarily need to know that Dean Winchester likes to wear panties, but Dean Winchester having a weird connection to the ultimate evil? KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Now, Dean is going to sulk for the next three episodes because Sam didn't tell him about his deal with Rowena, which is a moot point now, by the way, but heaven forbid Sam tell him about how he was infected with the Darkness, almost died, ran into the rudest reaper ever who promised to turn them both into antimatter, and may or may not have received a vision from God himself. They never learn. At least they're pretty. 

And hey, feral Castiel is no more! Thank God. Or Rowena. Whatever. 

"The Bad Seed" was one of those oddball episodes where so many of its pieces worked well on their own, but when pieced together as a whole, left something wanting. It was a solid mythology-expanding episode, but after the sweeping attempts to buck the usual Winchester trend in Season 11's first two episodes, it felt like a return to form for Sam and Dean, and I can't go back to that. I just can't. 



– "Is that blood?" "Probably." 

– We need to talk about Dean's cabbie costume. I love when they let Jensen Ackles dress himself. Re: Ten Inch Hero

– Castiel didn't realize his pimp-mobile was fugly. Aww. It's details like this that make me think stoner-Cas from "The End" isn't as far fetched as you think. 

– LOL @ Sam being over everyone's shit. 

– The demon and the angel underlings getting together for drinks was right up there with Zachariah lamenting his failed career way back in season 5 and Castiel contemplating defecation when he was a human. Supernatural does mundane and mythical mash-ups so well. 

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