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Which Supernatural Lady Are You?

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Please tell us your score in the comments below

Have you seen these? Click the image and check them out! 

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  • The first time I took it, I got Abbadon, which doesn’t really fit. I re-took it, changing one answer (the hobby), and got Charlie, which fits a lot better lol. Loved Felicia Day in “The Guild” and when I saw her on Supernatural, I got all excited – always do whenever I see her appear in shows and such lol

    Rebekah on
  • I got Anna! Not surprising, since I am self-sacrificing…yes, even to a fault sometimes.

    Emily on
  • Liked the quiz according to my answer’s I’m Meg :-) xx

    Amanda on
  • I got Abbadon….definitely have mixed feelings about that!

    Jen Lambert on
  • I guess I’m Ruby… I really would rather be Meg. But at least I got Sam to be my lover.

    Andrea Fazio on

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