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"Dean Winchester - Recovery"

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Awesome video on Dean Recovery! Tell us what you think in the comments below please..

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  • Love the video I love jensen as dean I have watched him from the time he was on days of our lives until now I hope they keep putting out a good show and keep it going love you dean and sam

    Melissa on
  • Love this!

    Stacey on
  • I love that the brothers show so much love to one another as brothers as I wish my brother’s should of showed me .This is why I watch this show .Its my only get away and into every episode Dean has such a strong heart and will do anything for his brother I just wish it was for real for my family.But Sam was always so realistic with Dean. Always saying he wouldn’t bring Dean back but they are true brothers and that’s y I love this show Its my get away from this bullshit realty that I have ……I LOVE BOTH OF YOU GUYS AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU GUYS DO ON THE SHOW

    jody martinez on
  • I loved it! Some of the most fierce and emotional times of Dean and Sam’s life. Great job!

    Kathie Toomey on
  • Dean’s recovery video. Very well made. Love the selected scenes for this song.

    Jan Lewis on

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