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Supernatural Heads Into Darkness in the First Season 11 Trailer (VIDEO)

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Some people say that every season of Supernatural is the same. And some people may be right to an extent, but I've never been one to complain about the continued existence of the Winchesters on my TV screen so I'm not going to start now. 

In the Season 11 trailer, which The CW released on Wednesday, Darkness is seen to be wreaking havoc and affecting everyone. Sam's praying for God's help, Castiel's not lookin' so hot, and Crowley, well he's still alive and making fun of the name "Darkness." If I have one complaint, it's that the trailer doesn't show Dean taking any obvious potshots at the British rock band the Darkness (did you know they just released another album? I didn't). 

Anyway, check it out below and then hit the comments with all your hopes and dreams for Season 11. 

Supernatural returns Wednesday, October 7 at 9pm on The CW.

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