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Supernatural Season 11 Finale Review: The Family That Slays Together...

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural S11E23: "Alpha and Omega"

Yeah, I'm just going to go find a liquor store and drink it so I can black out until hellatus is over. Chuck and Amara are besties again, Sam might be bleeding out (again), and OH HEY, MARY WINCHESTER AND DEAN ARE JUST CHILLIN' IN THE SPOOKY APOCALYPSE WOODS. No big. I wonder if Samantha Smith is pumped about the potential to wear something other than that sad mom nighty in Season 12? 

So, hey, Mary Winchester. 

Part of me wants to roll my eyes and accuse the show of getting desperate in its advanced age, but the rest of me is too excited about the sweet, sweet angst that is sure to follow in the fall to care about whether bringing Mary Winchester back from the dead is lame or not. Just imagine it. I'll give you a moment. 

It's going to be great. I'm padding my Zoloft stores as we speak. 

As for Sam and his unfortunate introduction to our Men of Letters cousins from across the pond, I'm not worried. Dean pretty explicitly told Cas to make sure Sam didn't "do something stupid" which, in Winchester speak, includes everything from going on a demon blood bender and marrying your demonic enabler to hitting a dog with your car or interrupting a very prim and proper home intruder. My theory is that until Dean's survival is revealed, Castiel is going to be Sam's holy Chewbacca in a suit and tie with a life debt and all. When the episode in which Sam Winchester "died" also featured Dean saving the world through adulting, undead mommy feels, Chuck and Amara living happily ever co-dependently, and the promise of a Season 12 that's heavily focused on the Men of Letters, it's just kind of hard to get in a tizzy over a scene so vague that we don't even really know what happened. Worse case scenario: The death will probably be undone in the first 10 minutes of the Season 12 premiere anyway. I ain't mad. I'm just saying. 

"Alpha and Omega" was one of those finales that changed the landscape of the Winchesters' world but didn't also try to replace one big bad with another. The world isn't on the verge of ruin—for once—and aside from Sam, even Team Free Will's personal lives are in okay shape. I'm sure the ramifications of Mary's return will be horrific, and, in the end, Dean is just going to be more of a traumatized little boy than he was before, but in the meantime, just let the man have his mom. 

The crises that plague TFW at the end of "Alpha and Omega" are refreshingly domestic. There is no devil, no ancient monster, no long-jailed relative of God drunk on revenge and seemingly unstoppable. The biggest mistakes that the dreaded Season 6 made was to try and outdo Lucifer as the biggest and worst threat the world had ever seen. Admittedly, Season 11 has proven that Lucifer could be topped, if the writing was on point, but it took Supernatural years to get to the point of adequately outdoing its original apocalypse. The biggest threat to Dean and Sam at the end of Season 11 is the misguided wrath of the London version of the Men of Letters, and the countdown to when reanimated Mary Winchester either upsets the balance of life and death, tears a hole in the fabric of reality, or develops a taste for human flesh. All in all, not the worst day ever, and, at this point in the series' life, bringing the drama back down to Earth and specifically, back to the Winchester family... SNIFF. They grow up so fast. 



– Rowena's soul-bomb was totally a soul gem snagged from an Elder Scrolls game. :D

– Predictions about Mary? Zombie Mom jokes aside, I thought it was interesting that Amara said Dean was getting what he most needed: MOMMY. 

– Hey! Waverly Hills Sanatorium is real! 

–  Why can't we just get along, London MOL? If you were really watching Sam and Dean, you'd know that they aren't evil, they're just co-dependent screw-ups. 

– Dean said Cas is their bro. Awww. Now what about their actual little brother who is actually still in hell due to no other crime but sharing their DNA? Couldn't Chuck and Amara have maybe busted Adam out while they were also raising Mary from the dead? No? Too much to ask? Okay.

– If Mary was just plucked out of the timeline and never died, wouldn't that kinda mess with everything that happened to lead to her being gifted to Dean like the robo-mom on Smart House?

– What if Mary surviving means that Sam died in the fire, so when Lady of Letters shot him, she didn't really shoot him because he stopped existing? I love this wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. 

– Of course, that just creates more Winchester angst/crazy and I need it to be Season 12 time now. I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS. 

–  Did anybody else eye the six-pack Dean decided to get obliterated on at the end of the world and think, "Dude's going to need a lot more than that to drink away the apocalypse."

– What if next season is one long "What is and What Never Should Be?" Are you okay with that? I'm okay with that. 

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