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Supernatural "We Happy Few" Review: Layeth the Smacketh Down

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

There comes a time in every apocalypse when the future seems bleak, Team Free Will is losing, God isn't dead (but he might as well be), and Lucifer has left the building. Sam Winchester is ready to throw himself toward certain death and Dean will surely follow, or at least try to. We've seen this before, and even the thread of Chuck's impending death felt hollow. 

Chuck himself established in "We Happy Few" that there can be no Chuck without Amara, and there can be no Amara without Chuck. So either both Chuck and Amara are going to survive, or they're both going to die. Regardless of what happens in next week's finale, that Chuck and Amara share the same fate is a given, especially considering how well trying to shove her back in her cage worked this week. What is it with Chuck and cages, anyway?
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"We Happy Few" managed to do something that Supernatural has struggled with all season long: making me feel marginally bad for Amara and overwhelmingly irritated with Lucifer and how this formerly baddest of the big bads was reduced to comedic fodder, to say nothing of the Winchesters just letting Luci chill in the bunker during this whole debacle. Just because Amara is a bigger threat doesn't negate Lucifer's history with Dean and Sam. The enemy of my enemy is my friend can only justify so much.

That said, Lucifer and Chuck had some great moments while hashing out their family history and once again, the least qualified people on the planet to council a dysfunctional family were forced into the role of therapists with results ranging from lackluster to laughable. Dean's assertion that apologies don't even have to be sincere, and that he "lies to Sam all the time when he says he's sorry" was just weirdly timed and ill-fitting for the scene. Sam and Dean lie to each other all the time. This is practically a non-issue. I like to think that Sam's bitchface reaction had more to do with Dean crashing the barely-functional therapy session than any admission of tweaking the truth. Been there, done that. Got the plaid button down shirt. 

Chuck's history with Lucifer revealed a long, tragic history of locking family members in the attic when they acted out. The being who invented free will was so dedicated to protecting the concept that he essentially negated the free will of his own "family," which is all kinds of extreme and poetic and WTF. Sure, Chuck locked Amara—and then Lucifer—away for the safety of humanity, and because he was thinking of the universe and his creations in the biggest possible picture. When looked at that way, it's easy to see how Chuck felt like he had no choice but to exile his sister and his son to the depths of his creation in order to protect his precious sea monkeys. But now put yourself in their shoes. They came first, and in Amara's case, always was. Amara and Chuck take Winchester co-dependency to the next level with their yin and yang existence apparently holding the very fabric of reality together. 

Sometimes I really miss when this was just a goofy little show about ganking monsters and getting laid in the grossest hotel rooms in America, and it's situations like the one between Chuck and Amara and all of creation that makes me consider that maybe—maaaaaaybe—the mythology has just gotten too dang big. Asked to consider bringing back Lucifer's fellow archangels, God responded that Michael was in no condition for a fight and that the process to bring Raphael and Gabriel back from the dead was just too much. K, well can you pull him out of the cage anyway since he was never supposed to be there in the first place and maybe snag Adam while you're at it? 

This episode felt like a whole lot of poo slung at the wall with an explosion in the middle because it's the episode before the season finale and therefore requires a big messy fight. Sam and Dean were literally relegated to the peanut gallery. It was Amara's party and she got to do a whole lot of crying followed by a whole lot of smiting and the ongoing WTF weird sexual tension with Dean that still makes me want to claw my face off. Is their epic love supposed to save the world? Is that what Chuck was getting at? I don't freaking know and I'm starting to not freaking care. 



– Dumb Winchester moment(s): Dean for the whole "sorry doesn't have to actually mean sorry" moment and Sam for yet again going behind Dean's back to stroke his martyr complex. 

– MAKE HELL GREAT AGAIN. Dammit, Supernatural.

– Well, I guess there was a reason Supernatural didn't bother spending much time on Donatello last week. #RIP #Seriouslywhatwasthepointofhim???

– So Cas is just, like, cool with Lucifer riding his meatsuit into oblivion now? I call bullshit. 

– Is Lucifer dead? Is Crowley? 

– Poor witches. :( 

– Can we just like, wrap this apocalypse up and spend all of next season doing Men of Letters stuff and hanging with Sheriff Jody and Donna the Awesome? Please? 

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  • I was glued to the tv, seriously perplexed and LMAO at the same time. I don’t know were the story is heading and have never been disappointed (discounting killing Bobby and no Christmas time episode last year :( ) so I will just trust and enjoy! I’ve loved the sty since it began, the very first episode addicted me ♡

    Penny Sumner on
  • I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY !!!!! IT WAS A ‘PARODY" left me totally underwhelmed…. waiting for Metatron to wake up in the garbage bin – it was all a dream !!!…..still – been watchin’ for 11 years -I’m here till the bitter end !!! just don’t know what could possibly be ‘next’ !!

  • I love supernatural can’t wait to see the last show keep it up

    Angela on

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