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Supernatural: Let's Devour "Red Meat"

Posted by Arni Bergsson on

Supernatural S11E17: "Red Meat"

OH MY PRECIOUS BABY CUPCAKE SAMMICH, WHYYYYY? Dean may have been faced with a hallucination of his worst fear, but this week Supernatural made that nightmare come true. One of the werewolves the boys were hunting landed a lucky shot and with no trauma unit in sight and the surviving werewolves eager to eat them some Winchester hearts, Billie the Grumpy Reaper figured it was a great time to sweep in and remind Sam and Dean that their next deaths will be super permanent and their afterlives will be super empty and super forever. When will these reapers learn that the only way to keep Dean and Sam from ruining the natural order of things time and time again is to either let the dead one live or smite 'em both at the same time. "Psychotically co-dependent," remember? 

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Did you love "Red Meat"? Are you so over the mortal peril thing or can't get enough? Let us know down below and come back in a little bit for the full review! 

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